Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning(ERP)is a business management software
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Android Application Development

Android Application Development is the process by which new applications
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Computer-Aided Design and Drafting & (CAM)

CADD & CAM is the use of computer technology for design documentation.
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is marketing which uses electronic devices such as personal
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C++ is a middle-level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup starting in 1979 at
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Java is a computer programming language specifically designed to have as few
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Web development

Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for
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Ethical Hacking

Get trained to become a professional ethical hacker
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Leading Professional IT Training Academy in Kolkata

Futuresoft Academy of Learning is one of the most prominent IT training institutes in Kolkata offering solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Digital marketing, Application development, C++, Java and Web Development. This professional training institute ensures a state-of-the-art institutionalized training system and excellent placement opportunities. Futuresoft Academy of Learning is known for its training on ERP and other softwares for the past 15 years. The perfect blend of technology and various business management practices makes the institute successful in achieving its desired goals.

Futuresoft Academy of Learning strongly believes in a proper training methodology which integrates the business needs of the corporate world with a practical and cost-effective approach. The focus is on quality education and training professionals and students on the latest trends in the Information Technology industry. Futuresoft Academy of Learning, Kolkata has a strong vision to:

  • Help clients to be better than their peers with the knowledge of computing solutions and with technical expertise
  • Maintain an enduring relationship with clients
  • Provide the best professional solutions

Among the IT training companies in Kolkata, Futuresoft Academy of Learning is known to provide some of the best courses in ERP, Digital Marketing, Android Application Development, CADD & CAM, C++, Java and Web Development. To instill the habit of self-learning, students are given course materials prepared by the technical team. The idea is to prepare the students in such a manner that they can be industry-ready after they complete the course. Industry experts are brought in and a common platform is prepared where students are encouraged to question the experts, who advise the students on becoming better professionals.

Futuresoft Academy of Learning has a unique Placement Assistance Programme where after undergoing the training, students are prepared through mock interviews and an examination. This is a kind of evaluation programme which allows the students to understand their weaknesses which need to be worked upon before they face the professional world.

Why should I choose Futuresoft Academy of Learning?

Futuresoft Academy is one of the leading professional training institutes in Kolkata. The institute is known to offer services to several fortune 500 companies in diverse fields like Insurance, FMCG, Telecommunication, Banking, Health Care, Brokerage and many more. We believe in imparting quality education. This professional training academy boosts a highly motivated quality staff and customized state of the our training system. All the courses in Futuresoft are meant to equip their students to perform well in the professional world. Futuresoft also creates a platform where students meet industry experts and gain valuable inputs from them. After completing the courses, students are enrolled in Placement Assistance Program, where students are evaluated and completely prepared for an interview.

What are my chances of getting a job after completion of any course with Futuresoft Academy of Learning?

We offer you 100% placement assistance. Renowned trainers will groom you. We prepare Live Projects and a mock interview for you to assess and fill in your weak areas. After we prepare you totally for the professional world, we even assist you with an interview call. All you have to do is believe in us and in yourself. Together we will emerge as nothing less than winners!

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